Brian Quirk is an Alternative Rock artist from Philadelphia, PA, currently living on top of a bowling alley in the nearby suburbs of Delaware County. His unmistakable enthusiasm and conscious lyrical composition give his music a relatable and highly energetic feel.

At just 2 years old, Brian was writing his first songs. His dad eventually taught him how to play on a trash-picked guitar in 5th grade and he was off to the races. Growing up, he took a strong vocal influence from The Beatles and started writing a number of parody and comedy-fueled songs after discovering Weird Al and Dr. Demento.

After forming and joining a number of bands through high-school and college, Brian took up a solo career in late 2019 with the release of his first song, Libra. Shortly after the release of his debut solo project, Brian shifted from acoustic pop jingles to power-packed pop punk anthems with his 2021 single, Sunlight.

Brian has spent 2022 cooped up in the studio blazing the trail for the coming year and on the road with his band, My Cousin’s Girlfriend’s House. His latest single, Snake Bite Poison, reflects on leaving toxic relationships with an infectious vigor that leaves listeners with a sense of righteous angst.

Photo Creds. @rebellious1_photo